Programming 101

This article we wrote a long time since 2014 and today we would like to dust it. Let’s rewrite it. 5 more years of experience It should make many people get more.

How do I start writing a program?

It’s a question that we get asked almost every day. Many people want to jump into programming. I want to know more about computers. Today we will tell you that If we want to be able to write programs and be a good programmer, how do we start?

Programmer is not just a programmer. But as a problem solver
According to this topic title We might think Programming is The fact that we know any alien language is unknown in the eyes of others. And write it out, nothing is confusing We would like to say Really sitting and writing code is just a small fraction of the work. Because of these functions, there are many more things to write in code as anyone can see.

If compared to building a main house Programming It should be a real construction process. But before we can build It goes through a lot of steps, from design, to prove, to build, to finding a lot of materials. Which these steps are That should take time Programming is the same As we can see, we sit in the code together, not most of the time. Most of the time is spent planning and thinking about how we write it out better.

So, don’t be mistaken, programmers are only born to write programs and then finish. Before becoming a program that he can sit and write It takes a lot of steps. Make the first step of learning to write a program, not programming at all, but solving problems first, try starting with simple problems in daily life, for example, if we are going from A to B, how do we have to travel? They will be of great help.

Basic Concept Who says it doesn’t matter?
If it was us in elementary school, we would argue that Just write it out. But now we know a lot more. I would like to tell myself at that time to pay attention to studying mathematics a lot, because growing up, you used a lot, right, seriously. Studying computers in various fields is like learning mathematics. But only applied mathematics

Personally, we still see that It’s just that you can program it. It’s not just typing the code into it, but it requires knowledge of many other things. Many people who study computer like to tell us why study it, take the time to do other things better than seriously, I want you to think well. For a little while, we are fortunate that the faculty has arranged time to study. Makes us see that everything is connected Whether we work as programmers Or do something else on the computer So we know that The basic things in computers are very important.

Very simple, if we want to learn Algorithm, it is not just for us to write. That one who reads can write, but ask how do we know that this method is really the correct way to get the answer, so mathematics came together a lot when studying, almost unable to survive. at all

Or if we want to learn Network easily, for example, if we are going to send data to computers in Network asking how we can manage it, it is the Routing Algorithm, yes, it is everywhere in the computer. No electricity is allowed to flow through the circuit to calculate something. Really everywhere

Extremely important language
Besides the computer Another must-have skill is English skill I must admit that Thai people are not like people who invent the big technology that we use. They all come from English speaking countries.

Therefore the knowledge that it has most It’s not in Thai at all, but it’s been told by someone. Translated continuously, but so on. Let’s think back together. If we are people who take technology Or new toys to tell, that person has to bring what is written in English to translate for us to read, right?

So, if you want to be that person, another thing you have to have is language, it will help unlock the world a lot. It enables us to gain knowledge. Or new toys faster without waiting for anyone It’s me To be a person sharing new knowledge back in the Community

Don’t stick to the programming language
Before we said Well, we should be, and we like to say that we can write in this language. This language is not that good, that language is poor. We want to re-examine that there really is nothing better. Or worse than that, or else the language that was mentioned would have been used by no means and would die. There are pros and cons.

All we have to do is adapt and not block to learning the language. Or new toys to match the work we do better because perhaps the language we know It may not be able to do some work or not very well.

If asked us, we view language as something that is not difficult to learn. If we have a good foundation If anyone knows many languages Should understand that The first language might be difficult. And take a little time to learn But as time passed We continue to learn other languages ​​in the future, it will become easier. We will know if we are going to write a new language what we need to know.

Share what you know back to the community.
Finally, finally, when we learn new things, we are like recipients. Receive new knowledge from the Community, so on one day we develop ourselves. Getting better every day, and on the other side there will be people who just started As we just started before Therefore, when we are the recipient We also try some steps to become a giver.

It doesn’t just make it for other people. When we share what we know It caused a lot of discussion. It allows us to get things we never know from other people. It also makes our community stronger, smarter, more intimate. Causing us to learn all the time and sustainably

It’s scary to start making new things, it’s hard, now we understand. But just ask us to be patient, and gradually trial and error and be asked by people who know We are an encouragement to those who have just begun. Have fun with it

Programming It’s like riding a bicycle. When we can write We will always write. Because programming is not a language, it’s a way of thinking. Language is just a tool. That we can learn all the time and have to learn all the time. Because new languages, new concepts are born every day Have fun with programming.